Activities in 2010

  1. Support of the project of the Medical School, Comenius University in Bratislava "Biologically effective natural flavonoids and their application in medicine" (principal investigator Prof. Z. Ďuračková, PhD.), which is partially financed by the civil association Mind and Health ( 1 660.- €).
    Several individual projects are being investigated in cooperation between the civil assocation and some clinics of the Medical School:

    1. Mind and Health also supports research of other natural compounds – omega-3 fatty acids and phytosterols in connection with their ability to reduce total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol and triacylglycerols of children with hypercholesterolemy.

      Stretnutie - omega-3 mastné kyseliny

    2. In October 2010 the project named "Determining the Impact of Long-term Administration of Probiotics in Combination with Vitamin C on the Infections of Children Attending Pre-school Facilities" implemented the common research in cooperation with the Medical School in Bratislava, Obsidian Research from Port Talbot, Wels (Great Britain), pediatric centre JuvenaliaA in Dunajska Streda, private pediatric ambulance of MUDr. A. Žemberova in Bratislava. The project is organized by the civil association Mind and Health and guaranteed conducted by Prof. Z. Ďuračková, PhD. And Accociate Prof. J. Muchová, PhD. from the Medical School: The project included and observed 60 children whose frequency and intensity of sickness as well as special markers of oxidation stress and inflammation were screened in the course of the half-year administration of probiotics in combination with vitamin C
      13 000.- €.

    3. Civil association Mind and Health purchased probes for the ultrasonographic treatment of children with cardiological and gastro-enteric problems for the pediatric centre Juvenalia in Dunajská Streda
      11 821 €.

    4. Civil association Mind and Health purchased Quikread sets for determination of CRP for the Medical School in Bratislava
      670.- €.

    5. Civil association Mind and Health purchased sonograph ACUSON X 150 for the Urologic Clinic of the Medical School ( head prof. J. Breza, DrSc.)
      19 529.- €.

    6. Civil association Mind and Health provided sonograph ACUSON X 150 for the nephrologic out patients´s department Mineral Partners (MUDr. Z. Žilinská, PhD.)
      19 529.- €.

      Ultra zvuk

    7. Civil association Mind and Healt purchased a computer for the Clinic of Children Pediatry (head associated prof. I. Škodacek)
      703.- €

      Nový PC

    8. Civil association Mind and Health partially contributed to the partoicipation of some lecturers of the Medical School at the conferences, symposia and professional meetings where they presented achieved results from the projects supported by the civil association 6 477,87.-€)

      - in October 2010 - presentation of the results of three young PhD students at the Biochemical Meeting in Martin (Slovakia)

      - in September 2010 - presentation of the results at the European Meeting of the Society for the Free Radicals Research in Oslo (Norway) – prof. Ďuračková, assoc. Prof. Muchová and Dr. Dvořáková

      - in June 2010 - participation in the organizing of the scientific-pedagogical conference of the lecturers and workers of the institutes and departments of medical chemistry, biochemistry and clinic biochemistry at the Medical Schools in the Slovak and Czech Republics in Modra (Slovakia)

    9. Publication list of the realization LF UK team

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