Main objectives of the civil association

  • to support further education of young, talented and skilled individuals working in the biomedical research and clinical practice at foreign and domestic top institutes, employing the latest scientific information in medicine, prevention and health care of people.

  • to provide financial support and modern equipment to medical institutions implementing latest knowledge of the research in the medical practice to serve patients in order to fulfill the health definition of the world health organisation, WHO:
    "Health is not only the absence of disease. Health is a state of physical, mental and social comfort of a person".

To meet the objectives defined in the paragraphs above, the civil association provides:

  1. association of healthcare workers,

  2. support of writing and publishing of professional papers in the medical field and projects focused on the healthcare improvement,

  3. cooperation with healthcare institutions in the technical, consultant, organizational and other fields,

  4. educational support and training of experts in the biomedical field and support of contacts of young biomedical specialists with reputable domestic and foreign institutes, cooperation of healthcare facilities in the technical, consultant, organizational and other fields,

  5. support of institutions interested in the scientific research and development of new biomedical technologies, examining the quality of our environment and the effect of regional factors and the life style on our health,

  6. support and propagation of application of scientific information in the prevention of civilization diseases such as cardiovascular, neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases, cancer, premature aging and in the protection of health of our children and adult population,

  7. propagation of the junction of the latest scientific knowledge with experiences in the field of natural medicine and their application in the health care,

  8. employment of intelectual potential of the civil association members in the disease prevention, health protection and in the increase of the life quality and full-quality senescence,

  9. support to programmes focused on healthy mental development of children and on the lecture and consulting activities for parents in that area and propagation of elimination of the environmental effects and the life-style on the appearance and development of "civilization diseases" in children population,

  10. support to programmes focused on education of parents of chronically ill children, on the healthy nutrition and the life style from the birth,

  11. support of solving problems and adult education in sexual behavior and the life in couples and support to programmes development focused on the prevention and treatment of diseases of urogenital tract,

  12. support of the increase of life quality and health in problem environmental conditions as far as perception functions are regarded, respiratory and swallowing organs,

  13. propagation and support of special psycho- and somato-rehabilitation techniques with aim to increase the quality of life of children and adults with locomotory disorders,

  14. support of hospital facilities lacking financial resources, to ensure their functions,

  15. development of contacts with non-profit domestic and foreign organisations and finding sponsors and grants for realization of civil associationīs objectives,

  16. organization of public collections in various forms,

  17. cooperation with state organizations supporting health care,

  18. informative, consulting and advisory assistence in health legislative,

  19. information of organs of the state administration as well as other organs of the goverment in Slovakia with the situation in health care services, with an objective to prepare suitable, especially legislative field for the health care system,

  20. initiation of acceptance of required legislative changes in the health care system,

  21. organization of seminars, education and lectur activities.

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